We live and work in a mobile world. Whether they’re in our hands or on our bodies, we are always-on, constantly connected. Here’s an interesting fact: Nearly 60% of enterprises allow workers to access data and apps on wearable devices, such as a smartwatch. We crave information to do our jobs from wherever we are, and whenever we want it.

All this data and anytime, anywhere access puts greater and greater demands on our networks, and exposure this sensitive data to a proliferation of cyber-threats and security breaches. As network exposure dramatically expands well beyond the four walls into a virtual, cloud-based world, they increase financial and brand risk across a larger attack surface. The ability to protect and remediate becomes more tenuous as networks become more elastic.

At Netra One, we believe there is a solution to this problem, and it comes from one of our leading partners. The Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) allows enterprises to both manage and secure networks for this new mobile, digital age. Cisco ISE narrows your exposure through greater visibility and control. You have deeper visibility into the devices, users and applications accessing your network. It allows you to control the level of access for everyone and thing looking to enter your wired, wireless and VPN networks.

Cisco ISE offers:

  • Intelligent sensor and profiling capabilities
  • Automated updates of profiles for multivendor, IP-enabled devices
  • Software-defined segmentation, which transforms your network into a security enforcer and accelerates time to detection and mitigates threats
  • Sharing of rich contextual data through standards-based processes
  • Greater visibility into industrial-strength IoT devices

Because Netra One isa Cisco Premier partner with expertise and certifications in Cisco ISE products, we have the expertise and experience to deliver this solution expertly and cost-effectively. Our successful track record makes us a vendor of choice when looking at solutions such as Cisco ISE.

In this mobile world, Netra One has the practical knowledge to help make sure your network remains secure, always available and risk-free of the type of threats that can keep your teams grounded and data compromised.

Data and Device Protection with Cisco ISE

When it comes to CISCO ISE, Netra One has the services and skills you need.

Network Administration

Enable creation and enforcement of security and access policies for endpoint devices connected to the enterprise’s routers and switches. Simplifies identity management.

Integration Services

Perform compatibility services and integrate Cisco ISE with existing network and security infrastructures to optimize performance and offer analytical value.

Professional Services

Speed up deployment of Cisco ISE tools through expertise, processes and integrated frameworks that help optimize solution performance.

Design, Installation and Rollout Services

Provide end-to-end services for deployment of the Cisco ISE product.

Partnerships that Protect and Secure

Netra One is a Cisco Premier partner with expertise and certifications in Cisco ISE products. Our engineers and experts utilize this vast portfolio and their experience to help clients of all sizes, across all industries, manage a resilient networking environment. Learn more about the Netra One partners.

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