Fifty years ago, The Beatles sang those famous lyrics “Come together, right now.” Were they anticipating this golden age of collaborative communication when “coming together” is possible from any device, right now, from anywhere? It doesn’t matter if your team is in Mumbai and you’re in Minneapolis, if your customer is on a plane and you’re in a car… if you want to do business, if you want to solve a problem, if you want to achieve great things together, you can make it happen.

Collaboration in the digital age is a limitless, bottom-line asset. Unified communications, web conferencing and contact centers can break through time zones, language barriers and physical borders. 72 percent of Cisco survey respondents say “effective team communication” has become more important over the past two years. This means an increase in productivity as well as personal and professional satisfaction due to more effective engagement.

And it’s just not within the enterprise that collaboration is being enhanced. Customers are experiencing more fulfilling digital experiences when they have access to personalized omnichannel experiences that extend beyond the call center to their own phones and devices. Through AI and advanced analytics, contextual and predictive insights can extend the customer lifetime value as well as grow customer loyalty. Happy customer, greater returns on collaborative investment.

At Netra One, we work with leaders in the emerging technology space to offer the very best in collaboration tools: from unified communications to IP phones, and from Webex tools to unified contact centers. Our skilled engineers and technology experts can work with you to design and implement a collaboration solution that is scalable and secure, with the right amount of technical flexibility and agility your organization requires.

At Netra One, we’re ready to have that essential conversation that can turn tactical need into ongoing strategic value. Let’s talk collaboration!

Collaboration Outcomes

To deliver the experiences and engagement your teams, customers and partners desire, Netra One offers a full portfolio of collaboration services and products that can delight everyone, and anyone.

Unified Communications

Modernize your workplace and customer service functionality with a cognitive approach that unifies, voice, video, data and mobile applications onto a single on premise or cloud-based platform.

Contact Center

Deploy cloud-based, analytics driven call center software and hardware that offers flexible IVR, group routing and real-time monitoring to streamline and expedite workflows.

Conferencing Solutions

Work faster, smarter and more collaboratively on a secure, scalable open platform that provides advanced voice capabilities, insights-driven functionality and high-quality video conferencing as an Ic Cloud-enabled service.

Collaboration Endpoints

Enjoy cutting-edge devices and hardware that transform work environments into intelligent workspaces that foster collaboration and results-driven outcomes. All delivered cost-effectively as a subscription service.


Netra One is a Cisco Premier Partner with expertise in Cisco Collaboration products. Our engineers and experts utilize this vast portfolio and their experience to help clients of all sizes, across all industries, help enterprises deploy effective collaboration tools and solutions. Learn more about the Netra One partners.

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