Integrated IT Security

Integrated IT Security

secure through technology

With more mobile and IoT devices, data, apps and organizations moving to hybrid cloud, there are more and more opportunities for cyber-security hacks and attacks to cripple a digital enterprise’s highly fragmented infrastructure. Statistics should that the average number of security breaches increased globally by 11 percent from 2018 to 2019. Just a single distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack can destroy your customer trust for decades

The sophistication and frequency of security vulnerabilities and threats requires a 360° tactical and strategic approach for our 24/7/365 data-fueled world. A robust, holistic roadmap that:

  • Secures the infrastructure with open source, best-in-class tools so your business stays up and your customers stay satisfied
  • Increases network visibility through continuous threat protection, and turns your network into a security sensor for detecting and containing threats
  • Uses greater insights to minimize downtime while creating new paths to revenue generation
  • Reduces operational costs and the growing skills gaps through managed services

Netra One understands growing IT complexity and the speed of technological advances can both accelerate your bottom-line growth and brand value while also putting profitability and productivity at heightened cyber-risk. To protect you today and prepare for tomorrow’s emerging technologies and new apps, we deliver IT security solutions built to scale. For Netra One, your IT security is our business.

Security Solutions for a Digital World

Your brand and business are under attack. Existing tools, processes and methodologies may not be enough in a complex and complicated data-driven world. Here are just some of the ways Netra One can make your multivendor, multilayered environment more secure.

Managed Security

Services-led approach that offers the right scalability, support and skills for your complex IT environment

Intrusion Prevention

Real-time visibility of your network traffic, hardware and data to identify, prevent and eliminate cyber-threats

Risk Mitigation

Comprehensive strategies and tools to assess your security posture for proper controls, procedures and compliance

Data Governance

Safeguard business-sensitive data and reduce data leakage in an on-premise or hybrid cloud environment

Intelligent Orchestration

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Cisco cyber-security products (firewalls, multi-factor authentication) that automate response for greater agility

Web Security

Anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-spam to proactively detect and eliminate phishing and email spam


Partnerships that Protect and Secure

Netra One is an authorized solutions provider and reseller for many of the industry’s leading IT security products. Our engineers and experts utilize this vast portfolio and their experience to help clients of all sizes, across all industries, keep their infrastructure and data cyber-resilient and secure. A total solutions approach that protects the perimeter while minimizing the attack surface.

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