IT Compliance Management Services

Risk Mitigation through IT Compliance

As your enterprise collects, uses, stores and analyzes staggering amounts of structured and unstructured data, with some of it being highly sensitive or personal, the securing of that data is not only business critical, it’s mandated by regulatory and compliance policies. One data breach could cost your organization millions of dollars in downtime, legal fees and productivity losses, not to mention the negative impact on your brand value. Vulnerabilities can leave your systems and infrastructure open to ransomware and distributed-denial-of-service attacks (DDoS).


Netra One technology

Netra One understands that strong data governance, risk management policies and a resilient, security rich IT architecture can keep your enterprise up and running, and you in compliance. We have the services, automated workflows and security skills that can assess where gaps exist, and then construct a holistic approach for mitigation and remediation.

With Netra One, you can build a roadmap that applies all compliance and regulatory requirements against systems, processes and controls. And you can determine how changes in compliance will impact ROI, TCO and the speed in which products and services are brought to market or deployed. In this digital age, protecting your bottom line means securing your data. Netra One lets you gain the real-time visibility you need to make it all happen.

Netra One IT Compliance Management Services

Managed Security Services

Services-led approach that offers the right scalability, support and skills for your complex IT environment.

Data Governance

Customized methodology that creates a foundation with a corresponding set of capabilities for an organization to orchestrate and manage a stringent set of data policies for its enterprise data.

Cyber Resiliency Services

Security baselines that are risk management-based and that result in a framework and security culture that is organizationally applied.

Project Management and Delivery

Single source of accountability that ensures there is alignment and policy adherence – from design through development – for all integrated solutions that need to meet regulatory compliance as well as internal policy mandates.

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