Managed IT Security Services

Feel “IT” Secure in the Digital Age

In a world where data fuels how, when and where enterprises and organizations conduct operations and compete, cyber-threats need to be considered and, more importantly, managed. The very complexity can overwhelm your staff and your strategic plans. One attack, even minor, can easily put you at regulatory risk. Out of compliance means you can be out of business. The direst of outcomes must be mitigated or eliminated through an outcomes-based approach.


Netra One technology

That’s why enterprises turn to Netra One. We provide a comprehensive set of managed IT security services that can keep your enterprise up and running as security breaches continue to increase every year, sometimes every day. Our services align with your current systems, networks and tools as well as are future-ready as you embrace emerging technologies. And we can deliver it all with flexible pricing models including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).



We serve and manage all your security needs: intrusion protection to incident response, firewall management to endpoint security, managed identity to an around-the-clock operations center. With Netra One, we secure your IT infrastructure, including your digital footprint, so you can focus on the business of you and your customers, constituents and communities.


ntrusion Prevention and Protection

Real-time visibility of your network traffic, hardware and data to identify, prevent and eliminate cyber-threats.

Firewall Management

24/7/365 monitoring and management of vendor-neutral event and device health through a single-view portal and flexible pricing.

Managed Identity & Endpoint Security

Compliance enforcement and enhanced infrastructure security through an identity and access control platform that protects against unauthorized access and helps fortify all endpoints.

Intelligent Log Management

Enhanced visibility across your private, public or multicloud infrastructure and networks that move beyond simple aggregation to real-time identification, mitigation and ongoing protection.

Cloud Security

Platform-agnostic cloud security suite that can help you make the move to cloud and then provides the ongoing management services (configuration, vulnerability) and testing that protects critical assets and data.

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