Enterprise Analytics Solutions

Enterprise Analytics for a Data-driven World

We live and work in a world ruled by data. It is everywhere and coming from more and more data sources. It is said there will be approximately 40 trillion gigabytes of data by 2020. Enterprises must now harness all that data to make better decisions and take quicker, more insightful action if they are to compete, collaborate and conduct business in real time.

This age of data dominance requires more than a plan … it requires an enterprise analytics strategy and a data analytics infrastructure that is secure and scalable. An infrastructure that allows your organization to digitally transform, with software-designed solutions, agile servers, managed services and networking that drive quantitative and qualitative results. A business strategy that puts the necessary controls in place so you can control costs while investing in the future.

At Netra One, we believe a resilient, flexible enterprise analytics approach is more than business critical, it is business essential. By harnessing data, from inside and out, you can drive ongoing value from your investments in IT.

  • We believe it starts with an analytics framework that transforms the disruptive nature of data into actionable insights that drives higher performance and productivity.
  • We believe predictive analytics that uses machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), algorithms and statistical techniques can utilize historical patterns for operational gain.
  • We believe the right mix of legacy and multi-cloud applications can accelerate digitization, which will enhance the customer and user experiences that foster innovation and growth.
  • And we believe a well-developed data analytics infrastructure can increase transparency, automate processes, drive efficiency and ensure greater data integrity.

In a world where data decisions can make or break your bottom line, get the informed thinking, IT skills and enterprise analytics solutions that can affect real change. And get it from Netra One, where your information and IT is our business.

Modernization through Enterprise Analytics Solutions

Data collection, processing, analysis and management requires the right mix of services and products that can increase productivity and market penetration. Here are the Netra One solutions that help you gain the insights and IT value you need.

Unified Governance

Automate how you handle data discovery, protect sensitive data, handle data replication and ensure data quality with a proven approach to unified governance, integration and compliance.

Data Management

Streamline your infrastructure with on premise or cloud-deployed data management services that offer centralized storage for disparate data sources as well as transactional and analytical processing.

Real-time Analytics

Experience shorter time-to-value with a services, software and infrastructure solution that accelerates deployment and delivers real-time analytics.

Data Migration

Manage the secure migration of data from multiples sources through a standardized solutions that utilize proven methodologies that minimally impact enterprise operations.

Partnerships that Offer Insights and Advntage

Netra One has deep relationships with many of today’s IT leaders in products, services and solutions including HPE. Our engineers and experts utilize this vast portfolio and their experience to help clients of all sizes, across all industries, help enterprises protect, manage and use their data to gain competitive advantage and operational effectiveness. Learn more about the Netra One partners.

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