We live and do business in a multi-cloud world. A Gartner study says 81 percent of public cloud users use two or more vendors. Public or private, hybrid or multi-cloud, companies want choice when determining their application, workload or organizational needs.

There are so many factors when choosing what your strategy you will take: from compliance to security, on premise or off. You may want critical legacy applications such as your ERP systems to remain on premise. You may want to build cloud-native applications so you can cost-effectively accelerate your time to market. No one cloud solution can fit all your needs. And that is why a multi-cloud approach must be built with your specific business and technology needs in mind.

Your need a robust, orchestrated multi-cloud architecture that can help you:

  • Avoid vendor lock-in so you can take advantage of other solutions that can offer greater flexibility, resiliency and cost savings
  • Realize higher availability and resiliency while increasing operational and performance agility as well as visibility
  • Embrace modularity by taking advantage of a wider range of services from various cloud providers
  • Maintain operational control through unified administration, greater governance and IT system monitoring
  • Safeguard data through encryption capabilities to ensure regulatory compliance

Netra One understands the complexity and concerns that come with a multi-cloud strategy. That’s why we offer a full suite of multi-cloud services that can help your make the move to cloud while protecting your current IT investments.

For Netra One, we have our heads and knowledge up in the clouds, and our resources and skills firmly focused on your IT needs.

Multi-cloud Solutions for your Public and Private World

Here are the ways Netra One brings you the multi-cloud services critical to your complex IT infrastructure.

Data Center Services

Set and manage policies across multi-cloud environments, automating troubleshooting, root-cause analysis and remediation.

Cloud Managed Services

Oversee daily management of your multi-cloud environment including technical support, vendor management, storage, network operations and security as well as performance and application monitoring.

Cloud Networking

Cloud-hosted networking on premise or completely in cloud that offers core network infrastructure, SaaS services (firewalls), network management and physical hardware.

Cloud Security

Protect multi-cloud identities, direct-to-cloud connectivity, data and applications.


Netra One is an authorized solutions provider for many of the industry’s leading Cloud vendors (AWS, Azure, etc.) and solutions. Our engineers and experts utilize this vast portfolio and their experience to help clients of all sizes, across all industries, build a multi-cloud environment. Learn more about the Netra One partners.

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